July 16, 2024


Frequently Asked Questions:

Below is a list of questions commonly asked by Chicago Porcelain customers. Should you require additional information, please contact a Chicago Porcelain representative using the contact information found on the Contact Page.


Q.  Is the refinishing procedure safe, and can my family and pets remain in the home while the work is being performed or immediately thereafter?

A.  Actually, the entire process is really quite non-invasive. Our technicians will utilize a high exhaust ventilation system which is designed to control the air flow in the work environment. This is effective at minimizing odors as well as controlling dust and overspray from traveling throughout the home. After job completion, the remaining odor is similar to that of a freshly painted latex wall for about 12 – 16 hours.

Q.  My bathroom has been recently remodeled. Will refinishing cause damage to my newly tiled walls, floors or bathroom fixtures?

A.  No. Chicago Porcelain will take a two tiered approach to protecting your tile and fixtures from damage. First, we will employ an exhaust system to remove overspray from the room. Additionally, Chicago Porcelain will cover walls, floors, vanities, toilets and any other exposed areas with specialty paper that will provide additional protection from overspray damage.

Q.  I am planning on re-tiling the walls around my bathtub. Should I have the bathtub refinished before or after the new walls are installed?

A.  The bathtub should be refinished after the new walls have been installed and re- grouted. The new grout may be installed all the way down to the tub, but caulk should not be applied. This ensures that the bathtub is not damaged by falling tiles or tools during the tile installation process.

Q.  Is it necessary to spray underneath the drain, and will the Chicago Porcelain technician remove the drain to do so?

A.  No, it is not necessary to remove the drain for refinishing. Most bathtubs are refinished with the existing drain in place. The technician will mask the drain and bring the enamel up to the drain. Should a client desire that the area beneath the drain be refinished, we ask that the client arrange for removal of the drain prior to refinishing. As our technicians are not licensed plumbers, we do not perform this function. If removing the drain, please keep the drain readily available for us in order that we may re-insert to perform our preparation work, which requires the use of running water. Clients requiring new drain hardware may wish to ask us about our custom drain hardware, which is applied without removal of the existing drain collar.

Q.  Why must I wait one week to use my Chicago Porcelain refinished bathtub while other companies claim that the tub may be used anywhere from 4 hours to 48 hours after refinishing?

A.  For the most part, a bathtub refinished by Chicago Porcelain cures within the same period of time as those of our competitors. At Chicago Porcelain, however, we are truthful in advising our clients that in order to ensure optimum performance and longevity, the bathtub should be allowed a complete curing period. This requires refraining from using the bathtub for five days for showers and seven days for baths. Beware of claims by companies advising of rapid cure times; this is often a result of applying a thinner finish or less coats of enamel.

Q.  What is the expected life span of a newly refinished bathtub?

A.  The life span of a Chicago Porcelain refinished bathtub is typically equivalent to that of a newly purchased bathtub; which is estimated at 10 – 20 years. The longevity of the finish will be extended by properly following our care and maintenance guide, repairing any dripping or leaking spouts or valves in a timely manner, and ensuring removal of damaging bathmats after each use.